Herbert’s Food Market – Branding Project

Brand / Design

Always be yourself. Unless you can be an octopus…

Meet Herbert. Always a multi-tasker, he loves the challenge of running our market. As a keen protector of our beautiful coast and concerned about our environment, you won’t see icky uses of plastic at Herbert’s Market. We will stick to recycled materials and bamboo cutlery to keep him and his fishy friends safe. Herbert loves a big party, but he also likes to keep everybody safe, so you will see him washing his many tentacles and keeping a bit of space between his guests. Doing the right thing warms his hearts (all three of them).

Herbert is named after the architect who designed our lovely market building. Herbert’s Market is a celebration of savoury flavours, fresh local produce, independent vendors, and lively atmosphere that make it a loved destination for local and travellers alike.

Our brief was to develop a fun, modern, vibrant, and appetising brand for a new food and drink market concept. Did we make you hungry?


A concept that was particularly successful at targeting the 24-35 and 34-45 demographic, gaining strong brand preference of 98% in A/B market testing.