Liberty Group – Annual Report

Professional Services

Liberty Group are the ‘go to’ people for property services as part of the ForViva Group, a housing group in Manchester aiming to create the best possible environment for people and communities to thrive and fulfil their potential. The group has a shared purpose – to Improve Lives.

The housing sector is regulated by Homes England and the Regulator of Social Housing.

It creates successful communities by making more homes and business premises available to the residents and businesses who need them. It also regulates social housing providers in England. Challenges facing the sector include climate change (particularly Insulate Britain), replacing cladding in high rise homes, fire safety, and supply and demand (particularly those on housing lists in urban areas).

We worked on the creative design for the Liberty 2021 Annual Report. This involved following the existing brand guidelines and using the brand elements to create an engaging and informative business report.

The key challenge with creating a business report is one of designing for clarity. We began with a summary page that sets up the information to come, used the illustrative line drawings, positive imagery, and bold colour gradients to capture audience attention and clearly define sections of the report.

The typography is kept simple to make the report easy to understand and accessible. We also kept plenty of white space within the spreads, to add clarity and emphasize the most important information.

As we were following brand guidelines, we also ensured that we applied the brand in a way that was consistent with other previous documents, whilst standing out.

We also knew that the report would be viewed as both a print and digital document and took this into consideration with our design style.


An engaging, interesting, easy to understand and accessible document. Our report was well received by the target audience.