Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine – Annual Report

Print and Digital Design, Copywriting

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) is the first institution of its kind in the world. Their portfolio covers all aspects of the translational research cycle: from lab-based research, (clinical) field trials, to research uptake, policy implementation and evaluation: all aimed to break the cycle of poor health and poverty.

The past year has been marked by increasingly complex crises for our world, poverty, inequality, hunger, rising unemployment, an escalating climate emergency, an uncertain global economic outlook, and conflict. In every case, the most vulnerable people and communities are the hardest hit. We wanted to support an organisation determined to act, one that aims to help people, to achieve healthy lives across the world.

We worked with LSTM to provide a high quality Global Annual Report for print and digital distribution. This involved working with complex scientific and corporate information, to make sense of it, and to turn it into a document that is not only accessible to all, but also inspiring. 


The Global Annual Report went live in January 2023. It passed an accessibility audit by the Human Rights Commission, and has been well received by global stakeholders.