Salt and Tar – Food, Drink and Events Marketing

Destination marketing campaign for Sefton Council to get people buying tickets for Salt and Tar pop-up events.

Salt and Tar is a new multi-use outdoor venue, opening in the heart of Bootle, early in 2024. Over 60% of new outdoor food and drink venues fail within 2 years. This is partly due to a ‘build it and people will come’ approach to marketing. Food and drink marketing brings a unique set of challenges and motivations. The industry is volatile and while rewards are high, risk is too.

This exciting regeneration project to create an outdoor, flexible-purpose venue in the heart of Bootle peaked our interest. A place for comedy, music, food, drink, and other events. This project is the start of the repositioning of Bootle and therefore it was crucial that the industrial heritage of Bootle, along with a sense of pride and ownership was reflected through the brand, marketing materials, and campaign.

We’re supporting our client through the launch of the brand and getting the venue open early in 2024.


The summer 2024 music event has sold out. 500,000 people have engaged with the digital campaign and we’re gaining 10% following each month.