Tialis – Brand Identity and Website

Re-positioning Tialis to support their ambitious growth plan

Tialis is an experienced, reliable, customer-focussed company that provides essential IT services to multiple sectors.

The client approached us as they are going through a period of significant change and growth, and wanted their brand to reflect the business now, and its future direction. Something that would motivate and inspire their staff, whilst ensuring continued confidence from their customers.

We were delighted to help our client with a new company name, brand identity, website, brand materials and signage.

The UK IT Industry is worth a reported 948,1627 million in 2022 and is expected to grow by 11% each year until 2028.

We created a sleek, professional and customer-focussed brand look, using colours and tones to inspire trust. Due to the nature of the business, our intention was to ensure that the customer’s experience of the brand and website is as seamless as their experience of the Tialis service.


Within six months of the successful brand launch, Tialis completed a major acquisition deal, increasing its share price by 12% and increasing their revenue by over £6 million. Their new website went live in June 2023. Within 1 month of the launch, organic searches were up by 30%, there was a 75% increase in users accessing the site (viewing 3 pages per visit), bounce rate dropped below 10%, and click through rate increased by 11.2%.